Progress not perfection...

I'm by no means a professional and am very much an amateur who hasn't devoted her life to comics since she was a teenager in the '90s.

 I got re-inspired in 2016 and managed to create my first 3 issues of animated effects web, digital, and printed comics. It's now 2021 and with my health issues, moving, and family things going on, it meant I needed to take a break and focus on just taking care of my basic needs. Now I feel slowly and gradually I'm getting back into it, starting over with the Origins story.

So my comic will be messy, and constantly getting tweaked, as I develop the world(s) and the storylines. If there are plot holes and things that really don't make sense I no doubt will spot them and correct them both myself and with the help of others. My art I hope will improve in technique and skill as I develop my own style whilst I'm doing courses to help support my growth as an artist and comic creator. 

It's not perfect and never will be. I believe in progress, not perfection. I have the freedom to create on my terms and to self-publish. To charge prices I feel are right for me and to trust that those who value me will support me accordingly. 

My ideas are mine to share and come from a very personal inner space - my soul laid bare shared with the world for those that wish to visit and be part of my creation. 

I hope you will be part of my journey, and explore the world of The Sanctuary with me.



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