I started drawing my own comic developing as a young teenager after my eldest brother indirectly got me into comics. 

I started reading his Spider-man comics in an attempt to get to hang out with him more. I ended up getting into Venom more than Spidey himself and collected the comics during my later teen years. 

I got into the X-Men through the 90's cartoon and the first issue of the comic I bought for myself with my pocket money was The Wedding Of Scott Summers & Jean Grey in WHSmith - I was 13 at the time.

The Wedding Of Scott Summers & Jean Grey.


I am heavily inspired and influenced by Marvel Comics and the X-Men being my main catalyst as I found myself identifying so much emotionally with the characters and felt deeply connected to them, especially the psychic ones, particularly Psylocke to start with who inspired (OK I originally outright stole them initially) my characters look and powers.


 Little did I know that I would have more in common with them in my later years than I could ever have dreamed of and I have a lot of real experience to draw from (pun intended) as well as fuel for imagined stories too.  ;) x

I hope you enjoy my comic and stories -  I look forward to building a whole new world - or maybe even universe(s).


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