Many of the characters are based on real people, I have had verbal or typed consent to use many (but not all) of them in the comic. I am working on getting legal release forms signed where needed and possible. 

Please be aware permission for use of a persons likeness for the comic book is not an endorsement of the comic itself.

The comic itself is fantasy and whilst real events may have prompted the ideas, the story itself is fictional.

 The settings of the comic are an alternative universe setting so nothing in this comic is meant to be taken seriously, as fact (even if based on facts) and is no way a defamation, libel or other wise against anyone. Every character has fictional traits as much as non fictional ones, and nothing is meant to be taken literally. 

If anyone does have any issues with themselves being in the comic please let me know and I will make the appropriate changes within 72 hours (to give me time to take down the relevant content). For those that have given me consent I will write them out of the comic asap, but will not remove prior content and this will be stated in the release / contract forms once I put them into effect.

There is no monetary compensation for being in the comic, but I am happy to promote any business links with your bio. 

Bearing in mind at the time of writing this I am an indie creator and I do not make any livable income from the comic. It’s more of a *paid hobby* at the time of writing this.

Email: thesanctuarycomic@gmail.com 

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