The Sanctuary: Chaos War

The Sanctuary: Chaos War 

The 2nd editions of my 2016-19 issues 1-3 of The Sanctuary are now available to view on Comic Fury here and are also available to buy as PDF digital comics on my Gumroad

I will be re-doing them in the future to update the story and correct a bunch of mistakes and tweak the artwork.

Psione has previously successfully kept her alter-ego under wraps, however when Shadow-Wolf arrives at The Sanctuary HQ, old wounds are revealed and feelings long buried arise, causing an unexpected side-effect that may turn the tide of the upcoming conflict between The Dominion and The Sanctuary.

Was this a calculated move by Shadow-Wolf, in order to control Darkfire, or is it indeed a genuine mistake born of misunderstanding, and is their connection something real, something more than they both dared to truly believe until now?

Find out more in The Sanctuary: Chaos Wars

Coming at some point in the future...

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